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7" Piper Case

By Ryot

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The Piper case features a surprisingly spacious memory foam enclosure for safe storage of your favorite investments. Tucked into this pocket is a Velcro divider that increases the capabilities of the Piper by allowing two separate chambers to be formed. Both this pocket as well as the adjacent hi-tech freshness pouch feature moisture seal zippers and a microscopic carbon application to create a SmellSafe™ enclosure helping keep unwanted odors at bay. Covering these zippers is a magnetically closed flap that houses the new StickStop™ integration. When opened, this flap creates a non-stick silicone working surface wherever it may land ensuring no mess is left behind.

SmellSafe™ protection for both interior pockets

StickStop™ silicone pad integrated into the flap

Velcro divider to maximize storage versatility

Large, gusseted hi-tech foil lined freshness pouch

Dimensions 7" x 3" X 3"