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Oil Slick Pad Duo

By Oil Slick

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Oil Slick Duo Non Stick Concentrate Pads

Concentrate Pad Features:

  • Two Non Stick Concentrate Pads by Oil Slick
  • Handle the Stickiest Concentrates with ZERO waste or mess
  • Clean Your Glass and Titanium Utensils While Reclaiming Lost Concentrates
  • An Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Parchment Paper
  • The Perfect Surface for Drying Water Extracts
  • Microwave and Hot-Plate Safe Material Spreads Heat Evenly when Used for Purging
  • Heat resistant to 500º Fahrenheit
  • 4.50" Inches wide by 3.25" Long
  • Each Package Includes Two Pads

Care and Use

  • Wash with Soap and Water, allow to air dry
  • for Waterless Cleaning, the Oil Slick is impervious to alcohol
  • For More Handling and Storage Options, Use the Oil Slick with the Oil Slick Duo
  • Boiling Solvents May Cause Cosmetic Clouding to Occur on the Surface of Pad. This Will Not Impact Performance