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12" ProDuffle

By Ryot

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The ProDuffle is both the latest and largest addition to the SmellSafe™ family. This case combines a heavy duty zipper and a microscopic carbon application to create the biggest scent resistant enclosure to date. With ample padding filling the case, spring wall, and additional pad, the SmellSafe™ ProDuffle is the perfect option to ensure the safety of your investments no matter the terrain. Plus, with the inclusion of a padded downstem pocket, accessory pockets on the spring wall, and two external pockets there is no longer a reason not to arrive prepared...and its removable shoulder strap keeps your hands free during the journey!

SmellSafe™ zipper and carbon application creates a scent resistant enclosure

Padded spring wall provides support for narrower bodied pieces as well as housing padded pockets for small accessories

Padded downstem pocket

Extra padded insert for extra protection

Cinch straps to remove slack

Two exterior accessory pockets

Removable shoulder strap

Pro-Duffle 12: 12"x6"x6" - Fits 4"-9" glass